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Do you lead HR in a thriving organisation with ambitious goals?

With over 25 years in the HR (Human Resources) game and having been an HR Director myself, I’m here to back up and boost leaders like you.


My Approach

Need a helping hand with human resources? I’m here to guide you through the twists and turns with personalised coaching, mentoring, and consulting. From the initial spark of an idea to the final result, I’ll be your dedicated HR partner, ensuring your projects succeed.

I’ve walked in your shoes as a human resources leader, so I know first-hand how demanding this role can be. The pressure is real, but so are the rewards of a well-executed HR strategy. My expertise spans the entire human resources spectrum, focusing on creating HR strategies that empower your talent and drive leadership development.

I firmly believe HR should be recognised as an essential, strategic pillar attuned to the core rhythms of the organisation. Trust in my commitment to consistently guide you towards impactful, lasting outcomes.

Partnering with You

You’re the expert on your business. I’m here to partner with you, understanding your needs, and crafting a tailored approach – be it human resources coaching, mentoring, hands-on consultancy, or a mix of these – to achieve your objectives.

HR Coaching for Experienced HR Professionals

Being an experienced human resources leader can be a lonely journey. You’re the go-to person for everyone else, but who supports you? That’s where HR Coaching and Mentoring comes in. It’s your confidential space to talk through your challenges, brainstorm strategies, and simply vent if you need to.

Think of it as having a trusted colleague from the human resources field who understands the unique pressures you face. We can bounce ideas around, troubleshoot obstacles, validate your strategies, and help you build the confidence to excel.

Together, during the coaching sessions, we’ll focus on the areas that matter most to you – whether it’s enhancing your leadership presence, strengthening relationships with key stakeholders, optimising your team structure, or anything else on your mind. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for growth, empowering you to lead with influence and compassion.

HR Mentoring for Emerging HR Professionals

Enhance your human resources skills with tailored coaching, mentoring, and consulting, facilitating your transition to a more strategic role.

If you’re aspiring to or recently stepped into a human resources leadership position, this blend of coaching, mentoring, and strategic human resources consulting is ideal for you. With my extensive experience as a human resources leader, I’m here to support you when complex human resources situations arise or when you need extra confidence and guidance.

Together, we’ll create a strategic plan for your human resources initiatives, identifying and prioritising key human resources goals for your organisation. My mission is to empower emerging human resources consultants and managers, ensuring you have the confidence and competence to take on greater responsibilities and make a significant impact in your first human resources leadership role.

Whether you’re working under a leader outside the human resources field and need regular sessions with an experienced Human Resources Director, or you’re facing a specific challenge like formulating a human resources strategy or addressing urgent human resources issues, you can rely on my expert guidance every step of the way.

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What Our Clients Say

"Culture is a critical part of our business, indeed any business, so I'm super protective of who I trust to advise and help foster our culture & people. Kath has been instrumental in helping us at Skie take a great organic culture and nurture it while adding HR rigour that is complementary and right fit for our people and organisation."

Adam Troughear, Managing Director, Skie

“I had the privilege of engaging Unscripted HR's services for a critical senior role recruitment at our company. Kath's genuine, enthusiastic, meticulous, and compassionate approach greatly aided me in clarifying our requirements and sifting through various candidates to precisely define our ideal fit. From creating the job description to onboarding the perfect candidate, I felt consistently supported. I wouldn't hesitate to collaborate with Kath again and wholeheartedly endorse her to others.”

Di Geddes, Director, Exceptional Care For You

“I have never seen such a kind, compassionate, friendly and headstrong strong HR manager. Her thoughtfulness and warmth is beyond commendable. She is able to bring diverse cultures together in a fun and respectful way that brings about positivity in the atmosphere. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her - made me feel nurtured and valued. My best recommendations for her beyond reason and doubt.”

Nitu Saksena, Founder and Director, SaaSTrix

"Kath brings professionalism, strong expertise and a commercial mindset to people and culture management coupled with a positive energy and kindness that radiates throughout her work.

She is able to provide technical HR support while coaching owners and leaders with sound recommendations that enable them to remain in control of their operations while bringing out the best in their teams."

Lee Morgan, Partner and Director, Cure Collective
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