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Unscripted HR helps business owners and CEOs create great workplaces

Providing HR (Human Resources) On Demand or Project Based Support, DiSC Workshops and HR Mentoring & Coaching

My extensive background and expertise make me a trusted HR advisor to clients.

Hi, I’m Kath, the founder of Unscripted HR, a company specialising in HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

People are complex, but you don’t need me to tell you that. If you are…

  • Not sure you have alignment between your people and their positions
  • Watching employee performance decline
  • Dealing with employee behaviour problems
  • Not sure if your practices are compliant/finding compliance onerous

…you know first-hand that navigating HR challenges is time-consuming. And as a business owner or CEO, you cannot afford to let HR pull you away from meeting your clients needs.

We are here to help.

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Our commitment to building a diverse and dedicated workforce stands on trusted expertise in five core areas.

Culture and Engagement

Developing your greatest assets—your people and your culture—is our strength. A high-performing team is capable and engaged with your mission, vision and values. And when your people are invested, authentic culture thrives.

Governance and Compliance

Meeting crucial industry and organisational standards can be complex, but getting it right ensures compliance and protection for your workplace and workforce. We make it easy to set up the hard stuff including terms and conditions, employment legislation, award interpretation, policies and procedures, work health and safety, and so much more.


When you want to shoot for the moon, you need a strong talent platform from which to launch. We develop supportive processes for your people to facilitate positive and strategic growth. From upskilling, workforce planning and change management, to enriching your team with a sense of unity and purpose. You’ll always find a simple and seamless efficiency to all HR functions.


The right development inspires your people to fully connect with their ability. As industry pioneers who step out with heart and courage, we’re here to help you and your leaders find clarity and confidence to make a real difference when and where it matters.


Finding the right people can be just as challenging as keeping them. But working together makes talent acquisition and retention a positive and rewarding process. We offer expertise that enables your team to realise their potential, enjoy their work and excel in their careers.

How can we help?


HR On-Demand Support

We’re your HR go-to! From custom projects to tackling people-related hiccups, ensuring your business sails smoothly.


DiSC Workshops

Dive into our workshop: pinpoint your leadership style, boost self-awareness, and learn to adapt communication for diverse styles. Unearth the keys to trust, direction, and unity in your team.


Project-based work

Our project-based services are finely tuned to match your needs, whether it’s recruitment, policy crafting, or boosting employee engagement.

At Unscripted HR, we are HR rebels. We don’t do what other consultants do. We’re not about cookie-cutter fixes or tokenistic trends. We don’t make compliance our end game.

We make HR simple and work with you to strategically address the important things.

What you can expect from us?

We are deeply committed to aligning outcomes with your business objectives. Our focus rests on delivering tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operations, empowering your business for success.

Expect prompt communication, transparent feedback, and expert guidance backed by the latest insights. We believe in continuous learning, providing you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions. With a holistic perspective, we keenly grasp your vision and strategy. Together, we’ll identify potential people-management challenges, offering innovative ideas to enhance your workplace culture. Our assessment ensures your current practices drive desired outcomes, valuing the essence of effective processes.

How we will communicate with you?

Communication is key, and we tailor our methods to best suit the situation. Emails are ideal when we need a documented record, wish to involve others, or share comprehensive details. Phone calls provide a quick response, a platform for issue discussion, project collaboration, and strengthening our relationship. Video calls offer face-to-face interaction for issue resolution, project discussions, and building deeper connections. For casual check-ins, real-time collaboration, or swift responses on simpler matters, we’re all about using Slack/WhatsApp. Your needs guide our approach!

How we work?

Working in close partnership with you and your team is important to us and to achieving change. We’re committed to the sustainable health and strength of your business, and provide professional guidance, advice and support to see you and your people flourish.

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What Our Clients Say

"Culture is a critical part of our business, indeed any business, so I'm super protective of who I trust to advise and help foster our culture & people. Kath has been instrumental in helping us at Skie take a great organic culture and nurture it while adding HR rigour that is complementary and right fit for our people and organisation."

Adam Troughear, Managing Director, Skie

“I had the privilege of engaging Unscripted HR's services for a critical senior role recruitment at our company. Kath's genuine, enthusiastic, meticulous, and compassionate approach greatly aided me in clarifying our requirements and sifting through various candidates to precisely define our ideal fit. From creating the job description to onboarding the perfect candidate, I felt consistently supported. I wouldn't hesitate to collaborate with Kath again and wholeheartedly endorse her to others.”

Di Geddes, Director, Exceptional Care For You

“I have never seen such a kind, compassionate, friendly and headstrong strong HR manager. Her thoughtfulness and warmth is beyond commendable. She is able to bring diverse cultures together in a fun and respectful way that brings about positivity in the atmosphere. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her - made me feel nurtured and valued. My best recommendations for her beyond reason and doubt.”

Nitu Saksena, Founder and Director, SaaSTrix

"Kath brings professionalism, strong expertise and a commercial mindset to people and culture management coupled with a positive energy and kindness that radiates throughout her work.

She is able to provide technical HR support while coaching owners and leaders with sound recommendations that enable them to remain in control of their operations while bringing out the best in their teams."

Lee Morgan, Partner and Director, Cure Collective
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