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My extensive background and expertise make me a trusted HR advisor to clients.

Your people are enablers. They are change-makers. Your business strategy? Your growth ambitions? These things don’t happen without your people.

And your people? Well, they can’t do their best work without the right support and processes in place. I am not talking old-school, rigid HR practices here. No box-checking onerous compliance that makes everything hard. And no cookie-cutter strategies.

I am talking flexible, authentic, transparent HR innovations that empower employees, encourage communication, and set the stage for a productive and collaborative workforce.

Through my business UnscriptedHR, I work closely with founders of small to mid-sized companies, listening actively and asking the right questions to uncover the hard truths:

  • What culture do you have?
  • What culture do you want?
  • What do we need to do to get you there?

Then, I dismantle rigid policies, design and introduce robust processes that can grow as your business grows, and leverage HR tools like remuneration and benefits and career development programs to shape a fair and equitable culture that truly aligns with their values.

When employees love where they work, everyone wins.

It’s HR with heart, but it’s pragmatic.

I’m not one to jump on the latest tokenistic trend just because. I’m an HR rebel.

My 20+ years of experience have afforded me a commercial, entrepreneurial mindset. It has shaped my ability to solve problems and overcome complex people challenges with out-of-the-box solutions and pioneering strategies.

It also gives me the foresight to anticipate and mitigate risks. Big on integrity, I make sure companies do what’s right, but I don’t make compliance the be-all and end-all.

HR is so much more than that. It’s not a necessary evil. It’s the foundation of growth!

As a hands-on partner who loves making connections and mentoring dedicated business owners, I’m on a mission to turn HR into their secret success weapon.

I do this by striking a balance between catering to individual needs and wants without the overwhelming complexity or costs. It’s about equipping people with the tools they need to reach their potential and face the challenges ahead.

So, if you’re a bit of a rebel like me and want to reinvent your approach, let’s connect.

People are complex, but you don’t need me to tell you that. If you are…

  • Not sure you have alignment between your people and their positions
  • Watching employee performance decline
  • Dealing with employee behaviour problems
  • Not sure if your practices are compliant/finding compliance onerous

…you know first-hand that navigating HR challenges is time-consuming. And as a business owner or CEO, you cannot afford to let HR pull you away from meeting clients needs.

HR feels like a necessary evil that stops you from reaching your growth goals.

I introduce a unique relational piece to HR that invests wholeheartedly in every individual to encourage and empower them to succeed.

Let’s change that mindset right here, right now.

HR can be your secret weapon. It can empower your people to do their best work. It can be the catalyst for meaningful change. Great people and a great culture sharpens your competitive edge.

At Unscripted HR, we are HR rebels. We don’t do what other consultants do. We’re not about cookie-cutter fixes or tokenistic trends. We don’t make compliance our end game.

Instead, our flexible approach to outsourced HR, DiSC workshops, and project-based work:

  • Is pragmatic, commercial, and solutions-focused
  • Puts people at the centre of every decision, process, and policy
  • Simplifies the complicated to meet your specific needs without complexity or high costs

We partner with you remotely to reimagine your culture, rethink your strategy, and reinvent your HR processes to build a connected community ready to grow, innovate, and thrive

Who Am I?

I’m Kath Harris and I partner with you to grow your people, build community and promote connection. I’m a dedicated business and HR specialist who expertly walks organisations through complex challenges and helps cost-conscious startups take their next big steps.

With over 25 years of experience in the HR industry, I’m passionate about helping companies to improve their productivity and create a work environment that values and engages their employees.

I’m committed to seeing your people prosper—in their roles and their untapped potential.

I introduce a unique relational piece to HR that invests wholeheartedly in every individual to encourage and empower them to succeed.

How we work with you


Discovery Call

In this no-obligation call, we delve into your requirements and expectations, shaping a clear path for our collaboration. It’s a chance to build rapport and alignment. To book your Discovery Call, simply click here.



Our proposal crystallises our initial conversation and partnership framework. Upon agreement, we’ll send you a Client Agreement for your review and endorsement.


Welcome and Kick-Off Session

With services and terms settled, you’ll receive a Welcome Guide. Let’s sync up for a kick-off call to refine your people strategy, priorities, and timelines, leaving no stone unturned.


Working Together Blueprint

Together, we’ll sketch out our collaboration blueprint, tailored to your distinct needs. Be it regular check-ins, project-focused tasks, or orchestrating a DiSC workshop – we’re flexible. Timely delivery of initial work is assured. We’re open to refining our approach along the journey, if needed.

Let’s Connect

Start shaping the health and heart of your business today

Book a Connection Chat

What Our Clients Say

"Culture is a critical part of our business, indeed any business, so I'm super protective of who I trust to advise and help foster our culture & people. Kath has been instrumental in helping us at Skie take a great organic culture and nurture it while adding HR rigour that is complementary and right fit for our people and organisation."

Adam Troughear, Managing Director, Skie

“I had the privilege of engaging Unscripted HR's services for a critical senior role recruitment at our company. Kath's genuine, enthusiastic, meticulous, and compassionate approach greatly aided me in clarifying our requirements and sifting through various candidates to precisely define our ideal fit. From creating the job description to onboarding the perfect candidate, I felt consistently supported. I wouldn't hesitate to collaborate with Kath again and wholeheartedly endorse her to others.”

Di Geddes, Director, Exceptional Care For You

“I have never seen such a kind, compassionate, friendly and headstrong strong HR manager. Her thoughtfulness and warmth is beyond commendable. She is able to bring diverse cultures together in a fun and respectful way that brings about positivity in the atmosphere. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her - made me feel nurtured and valued. My best recommendations for her beyond reason and doubt.”

Nitu Saksena, Founder and Director, SaaSTrix

"Kath brings professionalism, strong expertise and a commercial mindset to people and culture management coupled with a positive energy and kindness that radiates throughout her work.

She is able to provide technical HR support while coaching owners and leaders with sound recommendations that enable them to remain in control of their operations while bringing out the best in their teams."

Lee Morgan, Partner and Director, Cure Collective
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